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Fixed Knot Fence

We used to offer fixed knot deer fencing on this website. We no longer do so, because we have found it generally unsuitable for excluding deer. This is for the following reasons:

1) Fixed knot fencing is considerably more visible than either metal hexagrid or polypropylene deer fencing.

2) High-tensile fixed knot deer fencing must run on pancake-flat ground. Otherwise frequent splicing of all the fence wires will be needed.

3) High-tensile fixed knot deer fencing is very expensive to install because of the need for massive braces. We have found people on occasion who like spending the large amount of time needed to install these expensive deer fence braces at every turn, corner, and gate because they come from farm country and are accustomed to the system. However, anyone who is not a devotee of this system is likely to find the expenditure of cash and labor to be excessive.

4) Fixed knot fencing not installed under high tension ("low-tensile" fixed knot fencing) typically looks poorly because any bumps along the ground tend to give the deer fence (which is quite visible because of the thick wires) an irregular, loose, and wobbly appearance.

5) Deer will nose under low-tensile fixed knot fencing unless special precautions are taken. These include adding a single high-tensile wire along the bottom of the deer fence, attaching a strip of metal hexagrid fencing wherever this high-tensile wire does not hug the ground tightly, folding 6 inches of the metal hexagrid fencing out at the bottom, and staking this bottom strip down with kinked galvanized ground stakes. All this adds significantly to the cost of most projects.

Fixed knot fence is a kind of woven wire mesh field fencing with stronger wire fabrics and can be installed quickly with fewer fence posts. This means that fixed knots brings reduced cost and less maintenance compared with other wire structures.

Materials: Galvanized or HDG hot dipped galvanized high tensile steel wire.
Application: Fixed knot fence are mainly used in the farm and pastures for animal fencing including deer fences and horse fences.

In regard to the surface treatment, this fence is available in heavy coated galvanized for a long service life. It is also available with a green plastic coating finish to harmonize with the surroundings.